Umpires and players play an important role to make cricket happen which was why the Auckland Cricket Umpires Association (ACUA) was formed in 2004. In Auckland, every family looks forward to the summer season to attend cricket tournaments. The players are dedicated because of the  lifetime love they have for the sport.

Membership Requirements

To become a member of ACUA, the umpire had to be selfless and would have worked voluntarily even though they were handed some expenses reimbursement. One important criterion required then from ACUA was that the Umpire would study the Laws of Cricket and also be fully conversant with the then Playing Conditions of the competition of which ACUA officiated in. Since every completion had its rules and regulation whether it was a Two Day or One Day or even First Class Cricket, a precise knowledge of them all was required. Even proficient Umpires regularly read and studied hard then so new intakes were also encouraged to do so. They were screwed to do so they would make decisions on the playing field and get it right in the interpretation of competition rules.

Another criterion was the test of patience which entailed how Umpires could be part of the game from the best field position. Alternatively, they also considered Umpires that are neat and accurate with figures or those who would be comfortable to sit under the shade that was close to a scorer’s desk. All those were the requirements ACUA needed from Umpires to be part of the valued third team in any cricket match.


The Auckland Cricket Umpires Association had full support from the Auckland Crickets and also from the New Zealand Crickets Umpires Association. So members had the opportunity of enhancing their field abilities and they enjoyed welcome with warmth in the ranks of the Association. A national Umpire Manager was established by the New Zealand Cricket and they were assigned with the duty of developing new Umpires to the highest standards the older ones had attained including encouraging them to be their best. In Auckland alone, there were over 80 Cricket Umpires who were readily available and they assisted new ACUA members to develop a ‘GET IT RIGHT’ attitude and also taught them dedication and fitness.

At their first Annual General Meeting, the members below were voted to fill in leadership positions:

·         Patron:

Sam Sukias

·         President / Secretary:

Peter Spall

·         Executive Committee:

Keith Leggett
Greg Kay
Don McEwen
Barry Frost

·         Grading and Appointments:

Brian Windler
Ken Hjorth
Roger Guttery
Bruce Cates
John Corner
Doug Cowie
Kevin Manley (Regional Training Officer)

Do you want to be an umpire?

Check out this page on how to be an umpire.


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